Commission: Tali Bed Pin-Up by on @deviantART

Commissioned by Now I know I said that I wasn't gonna draw Tali for awhile, but I couldn't pass this one up. Commission: Tali Bed Pin-Up

Male Shepard and Tali fanart - one of the endings Bioware should have had for…

Dr oh’s miracle cures Digital Art by US based artist Julia Lichty. Mass effect after the reaper Mass effect tali’s reflection Mass effect pick up the pieces Sleepy midna Chained View the website

pc still bugging like hell, can't play bf3 T^T so I drew Tali again - kinda prefer this outfit

been sketching some quarian suit designs, like this one the most, might draw her again - might develop into an OC character and designs-compositions are.

Mass Effect Bishoujo Statues - Tali’ Zorah - SouthofMemphis

Buy Mass Effect Bishoujo Statues - Tali’ Zorah at SouthofMemphis for only $65.95

The Mass Effect Bishoujo Statues - Tali’ Zorah statue is gorgeous! Kotobukiya returns to Mass Effect for their next Bishoujo Statue: the long awaited Tali' Zorah! Based on a new character interpretati

Exiled Quarian by on @DeviantArt

Like to help out making characters for RPing and such, and I found it interesting to see how a possible suit design for a Quarian joining the Eclipse me.

A Tale of Condensation by

Figured I might as well put there here, silly and unfinished as it is. This is a creepily drawn comic of what happens when Condensation, ManShep and Tal. A Tale of Condensation