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Balance is the key

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It's the foundation of a house and a pillar or column to the roof. It's the hug of belonging and the hand that holds yours the right way. It's the serene voice that accompanies you and the ear that listens. The compassion that understands you and the strength that gives you courage.  TRUE LOVE, is one of a kind, unique and elusive.  But once obtained, it's permanent, faithful and loyal.

Unlike fear, love not only makes you move to save yourself, but it makes you move to save others as well.that's WHY it's the most powerful force in the universe.

Discipline will evolve you, regret will dissolve you. choose wisely.

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I'm focused on my son to be happy and you not. You focused on what's app hours and hours in his care. You failing in my eyes.

Breathe in calm, breathe out chaos

some people and events are difficult to deal with, but they can only stress us if we let them. breath in calm. breath out chaos, and anchor yourself in peace.