I've always wanted to faint, but whenever I stand up too fast, I get scared and talk myself out of it!

I've definitely thought this.it's unreal how many times I would get hurt and think about the pain and write about it.

Uhhh...right. I've written on my cat before. Lol. Jk...maybe.

You Know You're a Writer When…you start carrying notebooks everywhere you go for this very reason.

Writing Problems #15  You get stuck in a character's way of speaking and your friends ask what's wrong.

Writing Problems I had that problem once, one of my characters was from Ireland. let me tell you, I didn't shut up for two weeks because I was stuck talking like that character, accent and all!

Always. Sometimes I'll be three paragraphs in and be like "Um, he just asked her to pass the ketchup. Why am I talking about her childhood?"

i have these two characters that could totally have entire books written about them and their respective backstories

This happened today in class. How am I supposed to explain it?! And no you cant read it! It's fanfiction.

I love how when i looked up the fanfiction tag, it was a lot of people talking about johnlock.)<----also writing in general when u still have tons of editing to do lol