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@katrinihln  It's funny with Dalmatian you don't know if there's a black and white filter.

I've always wanted a dalmatian pup when I was a kid, because of the movie 101 dalmatians.

Golden retriever... my heart is melting!   It must be almost time to get Lady J a brother !

A Diamond Beach day--- and I was telling them of my great idea to come to the beach and look.we're here staying at 'Sea Horse' of Diamond Beach.

He tells his dog that he ate all the food. Turn up the volume we still cant stop laughing

The Ultimate Dog Tease! Who doesn't love bacon? Or kitty treats? Or better yet, bacon wrapped kitty treats? Join the Pet Uprise, and check out this hilarious talking dog.

Oh goodness! I may need a whole new board just for German Shorthaired Pointers.

German Shorthaired Pointer - Smart Friendly

The German Shorthaired Pointer GSP was bred at the turn of the nineteenth century in Germany with the end goal of hunting. It is believed that there were

This is my future dream dog!! I already have her named! Lol

This guy gets my vote.weimerainer's coloring with a lab's more pudgy frame Silver lab puppy