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When a person has someone they care about that much, giving their life is sometimes the least they can do. And maybe that's what makes us human. - added by johnnyboyyy at Memorable Gaming Quotes Comp 5

Vincent Valentine Final Fantasy VII Remake by ArchaediaStudios on DeviantArt

And now for everyone's favourite vampire! We're heading to Avcon this weekend so there will be a small break in posting of Final Fanta.

I got: Vincent Valentine! Which Final Fantasy VII Character Are You? Vincent Valentine is most like you! Dark and brooding over his past experiences, Vincent conceals many secrets. He speaks in a cryptic manner, calling his traumas 'sins'. Despite his cold-hearted personality, he is not uncaring. He is in love with Lucrecia, and fiercely despises Professor Hojo for his immoral actions. It is the promise of meeting him that stirs Vincent to accompany the party!

Which Final Fantasy VII Character Are You?

Vincent Valentine. Fan art. Final Fantasy VII.

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Final Fantasy VII Vincent Valentine Painting  - signed museum quality giclée fine art print

barrettbiggers: Vincent Valentine Materia from FFVII Digital Painting. Awesome metallic paper prints available on my Etsy Store!