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peonies are one of my fave types of flowers. I love all the random, paper-like petals.

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Nosegay peony. An easy to grow perennial flower. Plant once and they return year after year. Nosegay is a delicate flower of soft salmon-pink coloring, sprinkled with amber. Produces beautiful seed pods and ferny foliage. For a touch of elegance, add this one to your garden.

Brooks Gardens Oregon fine peony grower roots potted plants for sale.

Akashigata - Japanese Tree Peony

Paeonia 'Renkaku' (Flight of Cranes) (Japanese Tree Peony)

Пион Cytherea (Цитерия)

Cytherea - The most striking vivid pink that fades to a paler and paler pink over time. Strongly cupped flowers are held on very strong stems. Tolerates a bit more shade than other peonies.


Our Peonies Here are pictures of just some of our peonies, shown in alphabetical order. For all of our peonies, please see the availability lists.

I want them all. Sadly, many of mine didn't open last summer; the first blooms had faces larger than my own. We shall see if they all open in the new sunnier location. I hope the ants find them!

Peonies -- We planted these in the garden that Glenn and I had. They're my favorite flower.

Paeonia-Susy Q

Paeonia-Susy Q