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relics from too much time browsing paranormal and conspiracy content.

ig : @tbhitsari ☼ tumblr : sorryimari.tumblr.com ☼ snapchat : tbhitsari ☼ pinterest : @tbhitsari ☼

R u l e s] please have at least one teacher// boy for every girl// be nice// boy interrupting rps// cause drama// and have fun.

aa5e972c5f0dc7640a0de78c186534c3--bat-species-animal-kingdom.jpg (640×640)

Antrozous pallidus (pallid bat) Eats a steady diet of insects. Also see on tsū - the social network that pays of ad revenue back to it's members.

“Simon Hanselmann  ”

Thanks for the invite (but Im already thinking of ways to get out of it / injure myself just badly enough to have to stay home on painkillers) (Also DM me if you know the artist thanks! Would love to credit their cute work.