A Polynesian warrior in full head dress and face paint

Fantastic inspirational photograph of an Indonesian warrior with head dress and face paint.

Africa | Hamer girl. Omo Valley, Ethiopia | ©Richard Notebaart

Hamer girl of the Omo Valley, Ethiopia by Richard Notebaart. people photography, world people, faces

Presso i Karo la decorazione del viso ha anche lo scopo di sottolineare la forza dello sguardo (Beckwith/Fisher)

For the Karo (Omo Valley, Ethiopia) the decoration of the face is also intended to emphasize the power of the gaze. Many tribes of the Omo Valley see the body as a canvas on which to paint (Beckwith / Fisher)

French artist "Pays Homage" to the beautiful hairstyles of Southern Ethiopian people (in blackface of course)

Suri boys like to paint their bodies and wear floral ornaments to show their beauty. Photo by Sergio Carbajo -- National Geographic Your Shot

Rift Valley in Etiopia: i colori dell'Africa sono impressi anche tra le numerose tribù dell'Omo River! - 100viaggi

This youngster sports a floral headdress and a brightly painted face. Photos of lower Omo Valley people taken by Hans Silvester from his book: Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa. Published by Thames and Hudson

Africa | Young Suri boy with beautiful face painting in Kibish. Omo Valley, Ethiopia | ©Dietmar Temps

Ethiopia, tribes, Surma, Suri people Young Suri boy with beautiful face painting in Kibish

L'amore di una mamma è senza confini.

Alex elle her daughter : The 60 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken That Perfectly Capture The Human Experience

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Photographer Hans Silvester has spent a great deal of time documenting such wildly imaginative adornments and body painting among the nomadic tribes of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, whose traditions have been maintained for thousands of years.


Hans Silvester’s Tribal Portraits

German photographer, Hans Silvester documents the extraordinary body painting of the Surma and Mursi peoples of the Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan.