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Kai's like- No really? I didn't have any clue! <-- this is why I love him

Jay tends to be the most annoying character in this show in season 1 & 2

They look so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!look at coles face!!!lollollollolomg!!!!!

I swear who ever came up with Cole's character design is trying to kill all Ninjago fangirls. Kirby Morrow, I really, really want to hug you. Or be kissed by you, or smother you or something.

How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?  Tentickles.  I now command you to laugh, Kai. >:3

Maybe Lego refuses to make two Ninjago movies because they are afraid of topping this.


Sweet little Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon, Green Ninja, Ultimate Spinjitzu Master. (That is his official title.) The other ninja are watching over him!

When I first heard Jay's full name in an episode, it took me a while to get this joke. I was in bed, trying to go to sleep one night, thinking about Ninjago, and I suddenly got it. I burst out laughing.

Jay can never be forever alone...he has too many fan girls (but enough is never enough ;) )

Jay can never be forever alone.he has too many fan girls (but enough is never enough ;)----I prefer Cold,but.Jays cool too

Ah I love this episode- one of my favorites

Ah I love this episode- one of my favorites<<<Actually, it's the origin story, part yeah, Jay first hears about the love of his life.