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If I'd started in the middle, I'd be lost

25 TV Shows You Have To Watch From The Beginning--let's get at it, Netflix

La semana pasada nos íbamos a la playa en el blog. Hoy ya nos metemos en el agua y vemos las cosas que pueden pasar... y que casi siempre pasan

Cosas que pasan en la playa aunque no lleves toalla (II)

Best LOST Theory of what the show was really all about... Not bad. I had the same theory, not nearly as well thought out or complex, but... yeah. I have been wanting to re-watch this show really bad.

The Ultimate Lost Theory // Really intriguing and very well thought out

It's on odd show that can be hard to keep up with, but the first two seasons in particular were very very good definitely one of the better t  TV shows out there.

125 Favorite Lost Quotes From Lost TV Series

Almost every scene was shot on location in Oahu. | 16 Things You Probably Didn't Know About "Lost" Yep, even those set in Sydney and Iraq. Only a handful were shot in L.A. and London.

Lost fans, you should really take a look at these. There's mention of an Epilogue to the finale and interesting behind the scenes stuff.

This one is the other fave of mine of all-time! My mother and aunt were caught up in it as well, and before the last season they both passed away. Then the last season happened. I cannot tell you how much I wanted to talk about it with them -and then the way it ended. Well -let's call it tv that messed with my head, but in a beautiful way.

Lost TV show Wallpaper Lost Movies Wallpapers) – Wallpapers For Desktop

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"I find it odd that there's dry blood on your Jesus stick. Eko & Charlie on LOST


Matthew Fox, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Michael Emerson as Jack, Juliet, & Ben in Lost

Evangeline Lilly / Elizabeth Mitchell / Lost

Cute they were best friends- Evangeline Lily and Elizabeth Mitchell - Kate and juliet