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And that's how you know your a runner at heart. Hope you're taking the time to stretch afterwards! --->

you know youre a runner when you can say things like "im just running an easy 6 miles today" and you really mean it

Haha EFF yeah, lying jerk first mile!

☝️The First mile is a liar! I often hate the first mile - If I can get past the first mile, then I am golden - some of my greatest long runs 10 or more have come after the hardest first mile


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Every single time.

Things only runners understand… Runners’ favourite number is More: Things only runners understand… Plus: Essential running tips

Getting Inside My Own Head — The Aloha Files. What happens when a mental panic starts to take over and how to overcome it before a race.

Getting Inside My Own Head

"It won't always be easy. It won't always be fun. But it will always be worth it, so get out there & run!"

Been running now for almost 4 years now. Well 6 if you count the times in high school, but seriously, running has CHANGED my LIFE.