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46 Ice Sculptures That Thrill Not Chill .

blessed wild apple girl

Boat ice sculpture photographed by Tim Walker for US Vogue. Days of toil and spells of strife I often braved Bitter heartache I suffered on the keel Cold clung to my feet as I stood bound by frost’s icy claws

These Haunting Sculptures Are Made From Thousands of Hot Glue Sticks | Wired Design |

These Haunting Sculptures Are Made From Thousands of Hot Glue Sticks

Using a combination of tree branches, hot glue, and urea, Osaka-based artist Yasuaki Onishi created a stunning installation at the Kyoto Art Center as part of his two-person exhibition

AMAZING!!!!! Scotch Off the Roll Tape Sculpture Contest - this entry was created using 11 rolls of heavy duty Scotch Packing tape!!  Go to to view all the entries!!!

WOW this is made of packing tape! In The Rain sculpture for Scotch(R) Off The Roll Tape Sculpture Contest - 2012 cool contemporary public street art

Sculptures-3D-Augusto-Esquivel-2.  These sculptures made from hanging buttons are very cool.  But, I would NOT want the job of making them!

Sculptures 3D par Augusto Esquivel

Definitely an interesting take on sculpture. #ingenious This section of a tree has been cut ‘apart’ but has been placed 'together’ in jars and positioned insuch away we can still see what it would have originally looked like.

Tokyo-born artist Naoko Ito created a fascinating visual using over-sized mason jars to fit parts of a large tree branch.

Baptiste Debombourg (Elements: feuilleté glass, wood, nails, white painting) this is crazy!

This is amazing if it's really real. Some people have such incredible talent

3D animal paintings by Keng Lye.

Singaporean artist Keng Lye makes animals with alternating layer of acrylic paint and resin.or they are real animals that meet their untimely death in a pool of resin.

Su Blackwell

Su Blackwell’s paper dress installation, While You Were Sleeping (it makes me think of the end of Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride")

(45) Одноклассники

The Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in China Gary Whitton.

Oriental Fairytale #riverislandbaroque

"Magical Thinking" - Asia Chow, Liu Wen, and Xiao Wen Ju by Tim Walker for W Magazine March 2012