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These boys are so adorable. Hoseok and Jimin (BTS)

Jimin era um "garoto alfabeto" por saber de praticamente tudo, sempre… #fanfic Fanfic #amreading #books #wattpad

Read oi from the story ALPHABET BOY 🌸 Yoonmin by Sourissa (MEMATAPFV) with reads.

Bts Jhope and Jimin

Hoseok pasiva - Hopemin

This friendship is deeper than the fucking Mariana Trench and I just love it so much y'all

Jimin legit looks like he's in love

Omg I can't believe this is the twelfth part of my J-Hope and Jimin vines. I'm so grateful because of the support that my channel gets, thank you so much :'D

pls stop rubbing it in my face that i live across the world and am probably never going to see bts :))

ok but my bias? and it's a known fact? the reasons to stan list just got longer

Jimin outing his members again, lol

Damn I didn't know they were crybabies and I didn't know that Jimin talks behind people's backs!

J-Hope's smile is brighter than the sun

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jimin telling on hobi - he's such an angel he's still smiling sweetly while beating Jimin's ass.

Really, another bias wrecker!? Damn!

Mi Pequeño Hermano ʕ•ܫ•ʔ YoonMin