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Stunning blue Columbine, photo courtesy of simply-beautiful-world.tumblr.com. It is truly amazing that some photographers can create such breathtaking images.

Colorado Columbine - by Lynn Bauer - Blue Columbine: The columbine (from the Latin word for dove, columba), is a circlet of petals thought to resemble doves. The blue columbine is a symbol of fidelity, and often appears in paintings of Mary.

Does anything say Farmhouse Fabulous like a Charming Floral Arrangement? There is nothing like some beautiful blooms put together in a simple yet gorgeous way. You are going to find a collection of Adding a Touch of Spring with Farmhouse Flower Ideas that will simply melt your heart. Each and everyone is picture perfect and …

Adding a Touch of Spring with Farmhouse Flower Ideas

Edelweiss in the Swiss Alps

True Facts about Edelweiss

The edelweiss’s scientific name is Leontopodium alpinum. It can be found at high altitudes in the mountains of Europe, Asia and South America. The original home of the edelweiss is in the h…