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A band of Dwarf soldiers in battle, led by the chunky but fierce, dual-wielding one, who's next to a particularly worn-looking brother manning the humorously squat cannon

Rainbow dwarf

this is nearly enough exactly how I imagined a Wildhammer Thane to look! If only WoW would give transmog items like this!


concept worked 2009 nomember This pencil illustrations in the novel the character is entered. This picture of the cover story ->[link] Dwarf Blacksmith

ArtStation - D&D's Wulfgar Design sheets, Brian Matyas

Contracted by Wizards of the Coast to redesign the main characters of Dungeons and Dragons. This is Wulfgar, had a ton of fun with this design. Aegis-fang is his battlehammer forged by Bruenor and bares the dwarven cultural aesthetic.

Drizzt Do’Urden and companions of the hall

Party of 4 m Tiefling duel Swords m Dwarf Fighter Plate Helm Axe m Barbarian m Drow Elf Ranger Leather duel Swords Drizzt Do’Urden and companions of the hall

Moria Battle Dwarf

m Dwarf Fighter Scale Helm War Hammer midlvl Dwarven Fortress Warrior/Anão Guerreiro