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My love oppa

MY BUNNY! ∎ VK - Prologue

K but can we talk about J-Hope in the background?<<<< no can we talk about the backup dancers behind Jungkook.

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If you have not listened to Vs voice here you better go do it now. It gave me butterflies | V's voice always gives me butterflies ♡ #BTS

I was so happy when I watched that part of AHL. The teacher loved V and it made me feel so proud of him!

"Donde Jeongguk tiene una obsesión con estar desnudo y Taehyung es su… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad


I appreciate his serious look with his hair all tucked up in this beanie.

BTS | V❄⛄---poor baby

His shout was so cute go and watch the full video

I can see this happening. But I'd totally fall into a heap of putty like no please.

i thought it was gonna be serious until i saw the "sips capri sun" part XD BTS, Jungkook