Inked and married.

People always told me to get tattoos where they can't be seen while in my wedding dress- Screw that. Do you see how beautiful that is? This is exactly what I want as my dress, Austin will probably look just like that on our wedding day.

19 novias que supieron sacar partido a sus tatuajes el d�a de su boda (FOTOS)

19 novias que supieron sacar partido a sus tatuajes el día de su boda (FOTOS)


Gonçalo // lvl 19 // Taken // Portugal // INFJ // I like music and pizza. If you hate pokémon, we.

True Love

tattooed men with babies. Very attractive to see a good looking guy (with tattoos) taking care of a baby!

i like it...i like it alot!

Retro Sunglasses complete any look day or night. I would definitely team mine with a printed shirt for a more rockabilly vibe!

sexy woman body tattoo

sexy woman body tattoo

Good job

Glee Costume Designer Lou Eyrich and her hair tattoo. If I ever lose my hair - I will do this

Фотографии с Денисом

I love these girls! This picture is two of my favorite things. Marilyn Monroe and tattoos


In this post, we are going to share 50 Awesome Nautical Tattoo Designs and Ideas for you. Hope you will like our collection of 50 Nautical Tattoo Designs.


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Guy with full body tattoos. Great traditional inks, plenty of coolest old school ideas on one body

22 Most Attractive Foot Tattoos For Women

Foot tattoos can look very striking for one thing, the foot provides a nice flat place for the tattoo to lie, and for another thing, foot t.