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Ouran Host Club

Screw Apple, Kyoya has pineapple, I was watching Ouran Highschool Host Club and I just noticed it, cause I watched it when I was little so I didn't pay attention but now I know

Hahaha lol XD

I'm laughing harder than i should have. Ouran High School Host Club x The Little Mermaid crossover I can just imagine Tamaki screaming

Kyoya, I was wondering that too...I'm more interested in the purple lipstick...

Kyoya, I was wondering that too.I'm more interested in the purple lipstick.<< Is that Mascara or does he have really pretty eyelashes and i never noticed

I'm not sure whether this belongs on my FMA or OHSHC board! XD

I think Full metal alchemist was made before Ouran High school Host club But you know Thats what I think.

I have this same poster o.o

Cant you see hes looking a honey-senpei! If hes looking at honey senpei ofcourse hed be smiling


Another Ouran High School demotivator for fun. I can't have been the only one to notice the colours of the twins' portals OHSHC Demotivator - Portals

Honey - Senpai by Purple-Strawberries.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Honey~Ouran High School Host Club - he's adorable when he's sleeping XD<<wake him up tho, and u got your self in some deep strawberry sherbert right here

/Demotivational Poster/#484989 - Zerochan | Ouran High School Host Club | Bones | Bisco Hatori

OHSHC it's odd that there's a name for that. I mean, fall in lobe with a guy like your father? But choosing between many men the one most like your father? That's pretty darn specific.