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candy solar system - now this is a SWEET idea! We have poster board and beads ( in place of candy) at the School House in Green Bay!

absorption experiments - gummy bears in water - Fun activity to do with Brownie's Wonders of Water Journey

A Middle School Survival Guide: Yummy Gummy Bears! This website has a fun experiment over diffusion. Students would love watching the gummy bears shrink and grow!

space food- I like the idea of sun slices!

Making this fruity solar system is the perfect way to teach kids about the planets and where they are positioned in the universe.

The ULTIMATE Science Interactive Notebook Pack! 140 Flip Books! $

The ULTIMATE Science Interactive Notebook Pack! Flip books and graphic organizers for science journals or lap books.

science experiments for kids

Clouds in Jar- preschool. water with shaving cream on top (clouds) then pour colored water in a droper on top the clouds and watch as it goes thru the cloud and into the water.Good site on preschool stuff

Dissolving Pumpkin Candy Experiments| Dissolving pumpkins! What a cool Halloween Science Experiment!

Dissolving Candy Pumpkins

Looking for the perfect halloween science experiment? This dissolving candy pumpkin experiment takes 2 minutes to set up and is super simple. Kids will love it!

10 Christmas Science Activities

Christmas Science Experiments

10 Christmas Science Activities - mostly for the toddler/preschool age. Good busy stuff while big brother is doing independent work.

Pinner says, "Fun way to learn astronomy  **NOTE** - photo was uploaded directly to Pinterest, but the link goes to a site I found that has a good-sized image to print and get the patterns from."

constellation activity kit (Good idea for activity day girls to learn the constellations)

Adorable (and yummy) moon-phase diagram — great for explaining things to the kids!

Oreo Moon phases - I can not think of a more tasty (and fun) way to teach your kiddos about the moon :) .Although cheese slices would work too since the moon is made of cheese, right? I love this idea!