Lunar and mistys youngest pups. The white pup is snowshoe and the brown pup is rex

Wolf laying down is aspen (Mom) The wolf pup with stick in mouth is fang(male) white wolf pup willow(female) gray wolf standing up strider (dad)

Wolf Dogs, Wolves, Wolf Hybrid Dogs, A Wolf, Bad Wolf, Wolf

Husk and shaker

Dark brown)) this is mist! She is sisters with flip. She's very calm and collected. (( open Light brown)) this is flip, she's a confident perky wolf who is sisters with mist. ( /apugoftea/ THEIR BOTH HUNTERS

Mercy by on @deviantART

I wanted to draw all the pups (as juveniles) Left to Right: Sylus   Estella Sava Bloom Polaris Reicher Aleksey Unnamed You can still adopt Unnamed if you are interested, but you must submit yo.

My name is Tasha.. I'm a pretty wolf and I'm VERY Fierce and protective of those I love.. I'm a warrior (( @fireysnow

❄️Blizzard❄️female❄️beautiful but very fierce❄️loves the rain and snow❄️fighter❄️no mate or pups but would like them❄️Trainer of Kingsley❄️ME

Safe and Sound by SilverPocky

Victoria opened her eyes as she heard two small voices calling out to her. Immediately recognizing her children, she watched . Safe and Sound

Hermoso, lindo, epico, que mas podría decir?

Gen the Shiba by Majime on deviantART.modify this to look like Freya and it could go with the Corgi tat