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Behind the Scenes: A Desk Makeover Also, info here - http://www.pinklittlenotebook.com/part-3-home-office-reveal/

Behind the Scenes: A Desk Makeover

The Faber Castell Jubilee Cabinet is very cool but is it $1700 worth of cool? Know what you use and use what you know and you'll never go wrong. JD

Faber-Castell 250th Anniversary Limited Edition Art & Graphic Jubilee Cabinet

The Faber Castell Jubilee Cabinet a huge dream of mine. Every artist drooling over this one in

Make house painting a little bit easier and more successful with these clever painting tips and tricks

10 Great Painting Tips

The Ugly Duckling House | DIY Home Improvement Blog: Paint It Black

Paint It Black

My little little dream: Making miniature inkwell and a bottle of perfume. Cut off bottom of diamond-shaped bead, drill hole the same size as rivet that will go into hole. Paint the ink color inside of hole, then glue rivet into place.

My little little Dream: making perfume bottle and inkwell. In Russian but good pictures and I've finally figured out that some of the pieces needed are those metal bits you squash down to make eyelets from!