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be different

A funny wild animal picture and faked mammal humor pic about when zebras fall in love. A comedy photo to enjoy.

White vortex, Zebra, by Wolf Ademeit

Zebra view from behind with curved spine, neck and mane. What a pretty view. Beautiful Black and White Animal Photography by Wolf Ademeit.

... while a zebra floats away courtesy of a helium balloon

'Hakuna Matata' say these animals as they find themselves in the most surreal situations in the African wilderness

Hakuna Matata - The ‘Hakuna Matata’ series by french photographer Thomas Subtil captures animals at their most playful. Hakuna Matata takes animals nat.

Laurent Baheux - This French Wildlife Photographer Takes Unbelievable Black and White Photographs from Africa

AFRICA is a testimonial about all endangered species of the black continent. Laurent chooses to develop a collection of portraits and scenes of the life of

beautiful animal

Black and white photography often carries a huge amount of power, as the lack of color forces the viewer to really focus on the subject depicted. Today we bring you 30 incredibly powerful black and white photos!

I am just TOO fabulous to fit in!

Giraffes make me happy.RAINBOW giraffes make me incredibly happy!

Stripes-nothing more beautiful!

We couldn't finish the week without sharing nature's most perfect black and white. The zebra's background color is black, and the white stripes and bellies are additions. Each striping pattern is unique to each individual zebra.

Wolf Ademeit (16)

Beautiful Black and White Animal Photography by Wolf Ademeit