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The funny thing is heavydirtysoul just came on<<< Fucking rip dude!

oh look it's jishwa

Why is this such a true emotion though like it's an emotion but I don't know what the emotion is besides josh dun looking into the camera like he's on the office while kanye dances in front

Twenty One Pilots is always so relateable. The Judge // Twenty One Pilots

You can see the emotion of “wow” on his face😂😂 the judge/twenty one pilots

I was laughing until the MCR one.... Then I bawled my eyes out for an hour... Thanks for that

but seriously twenty one pilots is so hard to describe. like, "yeah, if you like hearing dudes screaming at ukuleles and rapping to piano then you'd def like Tøp" then P!atd, it depends on the album. Don't even talk about MCR