Ash and Pikachu - pokemon Fan Art

Ash and Pikachu! This image is precious! Those beginning episodes when Pikachu hated Ash.

Why do people always draw Ash looking shy, or flushed in the face? Ash is like the ultimate friend-zone master. This is a super cute picture though :)

Pikachu Wallpapers

a pikachu wallpaper.HD Wallpaper and background photos of pikachu wallpaper for fans of Electric Type Pokemon images.

Ivysaur #002

Ivysaur - 002 - There is a plant bulb on its back. When it absorbs nutrients, the bulb is said to blossom into a large flower. When the bud on its back starts swelling, a sweet aroma wafts to indicate the flower's coming bloom.

"The 7 Types of Pokemon Players" #dorkly #geek #pokemon<<<I'm the second and second to last one XD

The Seven Types of Pokémon Players. on occasion i can be the namer, the gym leader, but usually the last one.

La industria de la nostalgia en el mundo gamer – El Club de un Gamer

They should release Pokemon red and blue on virtual console and make it so you can transfer from those games to X and Y. Just so people who didn't know about the events can actually obtain a mew* for their pokedex *(see mew glitch Pokemon)