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Just reminding you Yoosung

Basically all you have to say while playing Yoosung's route.


Awwhhhh so sad

空の願い : Photo hahaha I love this game

空の願い : Photo hahaha I love this game <--- Jumin Han is savage

Actual description of my life

Actual description of my life<<<yoosung no my baby

Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger both twin brothers

Nothing really || Mystic Messenger ★

Mystic Messenger- Mc, Seven (Choi Saeyoung and Choi Saeran (Unknown) Susanghan Messenger ^^


Imagine mystic messenger, luciel choi, and yoosung kim

Couldn't be more true -.-

Having nothing better to do and waiting for a chatroom

When it's about eating, it's important. GO MM

Why skipping A SINGLE MEAL can make me starves to death. But, thanks for caring" Gosh. Ended blushing!

God Seven/707

Das würde ich in rl machen xD