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Minganji masqueraders, near Gungu, Congo, 1951 -- Eliot Elisofon / Embodied <3

Democratic Republic of Congo, 1970 / photo courtesy of Eliot, Elisofon and The National Museum of African Art


America Should Thank Hitler for Its Strength: Nan Fang Daily, People's Republic of China

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The colors of Africa. The Samburu are a Nilotic people of north-central Kenya that are related to but distinct from the Maasai.

Bilderesultat for faces

She does not have much aging on her upper part of face. The nasolabial folds and mouth wrinkles are very deep.

The value of a smile. A smile costs nothing but it means much. It enriches those who receives it & doesn't make poor the person who gives it. Though a smile may be given only once, the memory of it may last forever. The rich cannot survive without a smile, the poor cannot get rich because its comfort. A smile creates happiness to everyone, everywhere. It’s a sensitive sign of friendship, goodwill & it makes people part of your life. It is encouragement to the discouraged.

Grandma Betty - World Photography Organization Oh Grandma, how stupendously pretty your smile is, what a warm tingle it gives me to gaze upon your photo! OH how I'd love to sit down and just her some of her stories .


In Mali, West Africa, lives a tribe of people called the Dogon. The Dogon are believed to be of Egyptian decent and their astronomical lore goes back thousands

"Que a minha pele possa ficar enrugada pelo tempo, que meus cabelos fiquem brancos ou caiam ao passar dos anos, que possa não ter mais o sorriso encantador como na juventude, mas que eu não perca a ternura, o amor, a alegria. Que eu possa sorrir, amar, e continuar acreditando que a vida vale a pena, e que a felicidade vai estar sempre comigo..."  Hilario Josepe

Beautiful old people are like works of art.