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Random Ghost

A million secrets, heartbreaks, and quiet romances passed these concrete and metal memories.

Post-apocalyptic city street

Sci-fi Photo Manipulation - The day the world went away by Capricorne Ascendant Cafard

4)By using a high camera angle gives a point of you that the viewer is looking down at it. It creates a sense the place is a low place eg; third world, down in the dumps etc. which communicates it to be poor, impoverished.

The Observer's 20 photographs of the week

Living under siege: Life in Aleppo, Syria Framework Photos and Video Visual Storytelling from the Los Angeles Times


"Pipe Train" by Luis Melo - Am I the only one who also thinks this looks like the Infernal Train from "Alice: Madness Returns"? Or am I just that much of a nerd?

writing prompt: Write a post-apocalyptic story in which aliens have invaded earth.

The pride of the USA the statue of Liberty fallen down. Did you know that the statue has Masonry code writing on it and that the statue was created in France and was gift.