Saying "it's okay" just means putting aside your pain, and lying to yourself when in reality, it's not okay its a disaster but, u just want that person to be happy.

A soft sadness blankets my mornings. I find myself waking up with a rush of sorrowful thoughts. Many, many of us have morning sadness.

Are they from a specific anime/manga? - YumiKuri <<< Shingeki No Kyojin Historia Reiss x Ymir

sad, alone, and black and white image

love lost death art girl depressed sad lonely anime white room pain sleep alone black draw bed manga dark phone cry grey

As vezes chorar é melhor que falar ... Estresse suas emoções..

sad crying anime girl ): hugging a pillow (lol had to add the details) black…

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I guess this woman is insecure! Sense it says it on her face? Or other dark reason of the back story!


Didn't know curing depression was as simple as just being happy! Depression is cured!