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Christmas felt crafts that are easy diy projects that inspire with new holiday decorating ideas, holiday decor, Christmas craft ideas and craft patterns.

Winter Gnomes  (there use to be some of these at my grandmother's house when I was very young)

Fun-to-Make Christmas Holiday Crafts

Christmas or Gnomes. Gnomes of course! Winter Gnomes - Bring cheer to any room with a pair of sneaky gnomes. Wooden balls come to life with a coat of paint, faux fur, and dramatic felt hats.

Christmas Gnome-Tomte-Nisse-Felt Tree Topper

Gnome-Tomte-Nisse-Felt Christmas Tree Topper

Mini Pom Pom Santa Ornament |

Mini Pom Pom Santa Ornament

Pom-Pom Santa: Roll red felt into a cone shape and hot glue in place, attach a pom-pom and a wooden bead nose with hot glue, thread a loop at the top of Santa's hat