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Crystal Gridding

✯ Healing Crystal Grid ✯ Crystal Grids are my favorite tool of magick!

What is the best way to store crystals? Learn how to organise and store your healing crystals and tumble stones when not in use. Protect fron sunlight, damage and dust!

How To Store Crystals & Healing Stones

The common methods used to cleanse crystals from negative thoughts and vibrations. It is believed crystals and gems absorb all vibrations, good or bad, and

Ritual:: How to make your own crystal grid & amplify the energy of your intention (sneak peek of my upcoming e-book AND a free download!)

Ritual::How to make your own Crystal Grids (Sneak Peek of Energized::My Crystal Manual!)


The Earth provides many of the necessary tools needed to help heal the body, mind and spirit. One of these tools is Reiki healing stones and crystals. These stone are used to help align and unblock the life force in the body.

CONFIDENCE GRID Crystal Grid with clear quartz, kyanite, apatite, smoky quartz, lapis lazuli. Increases self communication and confidence by strengthening the will power and clearing the throat and brow chakras

CONFIDENCE GRID Crystal Grid , Touch the grid, on screen ,love the universe feel the confidence , enjoy.

Stones for Health + Wellness + How to make a crystal grid

How To Make a Crystal Grid for Healing + Wellness

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