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Différents hauts: -Robes à la française -Robe à la turque -Robes à l'anglaise -Robe redingote

Detail of late Century Georgian costumes by award winning designer Michael O'Connor for 'The Duchess', - images courtesy of fripperiesandfobs


The Duchess by Saul Dibb with Keira Knightley as Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. Costume design: Michael O’Connor

Marianne's Red Riding Habit: Deep red riding habit with velvet coat, striped vest, and a lighter red skirt. It's in the popular military style. She also wears a stock with a pin, a black tricorn, and red satin bow.


Michael O’Connor’s beautiful Oscar winning creations for the 2008 film The Duchess have gone on to be used in several other productions over the past few years. This green gown, worn on Hayley Atwell as Bess Foster in The Duchess

Keira Knightley's Wedding Dress bodice detail in 'The Duchess', 2008. Designed by Michael O’Connor.

The Duchess

Keira Knightley Wedding Dress costume detail in 'The Duchess', Late Century Georgian costumes by Michael O'Connor.