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Walk Like An Egyptian. Cleopatra anyone? Our Egyptian collection includes 5 large sheets of tattoos. MODERN BOHO Jewelry Tattoos Join the Hot New Temporary Tattoo Trend Better than Jewelry Sport a HOT

I've been thinking of what I can cover an existing tattoo with--in almost the same spot as this. Egyptian Scarab is PERFECT. I've been obsessed with ancient Egypt my whole life, yay!

Already have my back tattooed, next best place would be a chest piece! And this would be better then the typical saying

Tatouages éphémères 3

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Love these flash tattoos for the beach/summer! And maybe even a laid back beach wedding!

There are options for those looking for faux jewelry | Rock The Metallic Temporary Tattoo Trend

Rock The Metallic Temporary Tattoo Trend

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