How to Crochet a Super Slip Stitch Cord - Tutorial

Chain and slip stitch back in back loops only for thin-ish cord. How to Crochet a Super Slip Stitch Cord - Tutorial Super easy directions and photos for two widths of cords by SHELBY ALLAHO.

How to Crochet the Open Fan Stitch

The Open Fan Stitch is a crochet openwork pattern which creates a fabric of staggered fan motifs. It is a great stitch choice for lace stoles and shawls.

How to Crochet: Y Stitch - with step by step picture instructions and yes you get the written too :)

The Y stitch, as you can imagine is shaped like the letter Y. It is basically a treble with an extra double crochet wrapped around it. This is a fun stitch that you can use when crocheting blankets, clothes, bags, and just about anything you can imagine

twisty belt 019

I wanted to make a thin white belt to go with this dress I made (pictured, more on it later :D). I saw people wearing these twisted leather belts and was wondering if I could crochet one.

crochet stitch marker by kelanew, via Flickr

crochet stitch marking trick wow I've been using scrap yarn for stitch markers but not like this.

20 Easy Beginner Shrug Pattern | DIY to Make

20 Easy Beginner Shrug Pattern