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Mitsubishi LT-5V, a vertical belt drive linear tracking turntable from the late '70's

Mitsubishi a vertical belt drive linear tracking turntable from the late

the Clearaudio Concept turntable

The Clear audio Concept Turntable is a new benchmark in turntable manufacturing. Buy this musical instrument at Technoguru

Marantz 6300

Marantz 6300 Marantz produced this model in the in order to elevate its image and appeal to more than just the average music lover, and this direct-drive turntable with its high-end platter, motor and tonearm is an impressive piece of machinery.

bronze turntable by Fern & Roby

This Cast Iron And Bronze Turntable Is An Absolute Thing Of Beauty

The monumental hi-fi centrepiece packs a bronze platter. US design house Fern & Roby have unveiled their striking new turntable, built to satisfy your eyes as well as your ears. One seriously heavyweight piece of kit, the turntable is …

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Hiten, a properly designed TT spindle bearing should never really wear out.

Rek-O-Kut "Rondine" Turntable (circa 1958), San Francisco, California, 2001 - Todd Eberle

Art photograph by Todd Eberle, Rek-O-Kut "Rondine" Turntable (circa San Francisco

DIY Audio Electronics from Zynsonix.com: Steampunk Art & Design

Bogner 212 Guitar Amplifier Cabinets Will Really Give Your Sound A Great Boost - Have A Look At Their Features + What Real Users Are Saying!

Jakutis Wooden Turntable - Oak

Jakutis Turntables And Tonearms, high-end analog from Lithuania.