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Playscapes: Art For The Kid At Heart

www.retailstorewindows.com: Anthropologie, London

Anthropologie, London

Invoxicated Interactive Play Sculpture by Karl-Johan Ekeroth.    Remember telephones made of wire and cans? Same thing :P http://vimeo.com/24133778

Visually interesting and playfully purposeful, "Invoxicated" is an interactive sound effects sculpture by Karl-Johan Ekeroth. He says, "Invoxicated is a interactive play sculpture where children can experience the pure joy of playing with sound effects i

La Cage aux Folles by Warren Techentin Techentin used bending, joining form, computational procedures, and fabrication processes to make the structure. http://www.bustler.net/index.php/event/opening_la_cage_aux_folles_by_warren_techentin/

Opening: La Cage aux Folles by Warren Techentin

Bustler: Opening: La Cage aux Folles by Warren Techentin

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La Cage aux Folles (The Cage of Follies) / Warren Techentin Architecture

This Whimsical Cage Redefines Public Space