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Awesome chalk art

Awesome chalk art

Funny pictures about Creative Chalk Art. Oh, and cool pics about Creative Chalk Art. Also, Creative Chalk Art.

Awesome coffee street art

This is sidewalk chalk art. To me this looks like a cup of coffee. Coffee Lovers around the world would like to be drinking java while walking by this street art.


Figurative Sculptures by Manuel Martí Moreno sculpture metal faces. Sculptor Manuel Martí Moreno lives and works in Valencia, Spain and forms these wonderful figurative pieces out of iron nuts.

Fascinating And Funny 3D Chalk Drawings-Art

Street Painting has been recorded throughout Europe since the century. Street Painting is also known as Pavement Art, Chalk Art, Sidewalk Art. Take a look at the best Street Paintings ever!

That sure is some pothole: Stunned onlookers stand and gawp at the 6ft deep sinkhole which swallowed up a minibus in Guilin, China, this morning 6/8/12

And you think potholes in the UK are bad... Unlucky Chinese driver in hospital after 6ft deep sinkhole swallows his minibus

Heavy rains in China forced a bus driver there to deal with more than just heavy traffic on his morning commute. The driver instead had to deal with the road itself, namely a deep sinkhole that opened up and swallowed his bus whole. People’s.

City made by toothpick

City made by toothpick

Illusions d'optique et trompe-l'oeil

So amazing to find out how these brilliant artist are doing it.Lego sidewalk art and I know what it is