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Underwater Art Museum in the Isla Mujeres National Marine Park near Cancun.

Underwater Art Museum at the Isla Mujeres National Marine Park - 400 statues form an artificial reef that has already attracted a plethora of marine life.

Animals in the Coral Reef | Taylor's Underwater Sculptures Create Incredible Living Coral Reefs ...

Jason de Caires Taylor's Underwater Sculptures Create Incredible Living Coral Reefs

Underwater sculpture garden - Silent Evolution - created by renowned sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor, Cancun, Isla Mujeres. S) ( between Cancun and Isla Mujeres in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo)

The things people think of. Live sized sculpture submerged underwater.(Mexico)

The Anthropocene, a life-size, cement replica of the classic Volkswagon Beetle sits in 26 feet of water near Manchones Reef off Isla Mujeres, Mexico. The VW is the latest exhibit to Cancun's Underwater Art Museum.

The World’s First Underwater Sculpture Park in the Gulf Molinere on the west coast of Grenada.

In Molinere Bay on the West coast of Grenada lies the world's first ever underwater sculpture park, which is home to 65 breathtaking sculptures created by underwater photographer, sculptor and conservationist Jason de Caires Taylor.

Must dive this! It's an art museum you must dive to see...The underwater sculpture park near Grenada

Art Creating Life: Jason de Caires Taylor

MUSA Underwater Museum — Cancun, Mexico | 15 Majestic Underwater Sites You Need To Visit Before You Die

15 Majestic Underwater Sites You Need To Visit Before You Die

Human Nature: Jason deCaires Taylor’s Submerged Figurative Sculptures Form Thriving Artificial Reefs

Sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor with his underwater sculptures, Cancun. S)

Diving Cancun's Underwater Museum

White River Falls - Oregon / USA

In Mexico? Kayaking in the Santa Maria River, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Cancun Underwater Museum - Mexico

Cancun Underwater Museum is a series of sculptures by Jason de Caires Taylor placed underwater off the coast of Isla de Mujeres and Cancun, Mexico.

Visit the Underwater Museum in Cancun

Cancun Underwater Museum (MUSA), Mexico - British artist Jason de Caires Taylor's sculpture "The Collector of Lost Dreams" This is probably one of the coolest things EVER.

"The Man on Fire," one of the several sculptures immersed in water, Cancun

Cancun's underwater sculpture park

Diving at the Underwater Museum, Cancun, Mexico photo by REUTERS/Ho New. Divers swim near Jason de Caires Taylor’s “The Man on Fire,” one of several sculptures immersed in the water off Cancun.