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fall out boy knows what you did in the dark.

Fall Out Boy- definitely my favorite band. So this account is possibly my new favorite!

Aww Pete ilysm

Fall Out Boy saves my life every day. I am glad that the guy who wrote the lyrics, that have so much to me power feels the same. Thank you Pete Wentz.<<<<< I totally agree, thanks for putting all that gratitude into words in a way I couldn't.

I remember reblogging this on tumblr, like, 166768546558479565856967843-0037480548935602874913692eyqw7udieqhduujeudhiuewhgfuwehfui times.

For one thing: Andy. Why so serious? And two: Pete is do grown up I love it I mean he went from leather and crazy pants with emo hair to a freakin cardigan?

Fall Out Boy on the Jimmy Kimmel show<< Joe always makes the best faces

joe has short hair. pete is blonde. patrick doesnt have a fedora. pete is blonde. andys beard is long. pete is blonde. WHO R U PPL