James A.Garfield (Photography) - Chief of Apaches, 1900

Studio portrait, head and shoulders, of James A. Garfield Velarde, Chief of Jicarilla Apache Nation, ca.

Native American Indian Headdresses

Plains Indian Headress ~ CHIEF'S CROWN - Many deeds have I done and for each I have earned a feather from the eagle, Great Spirit. I have hunted and counted coup on many enemies and have proved myself to be worthy of this crown. My teepee, my home a

This is the one; over by the boy goats pasture.  Tipi (49), via Flickr.

Real life inspiration: Tipi, Tepee, or Teepee - a conical tent made from animal skins or birch bark and popularized by Native Americans of the Great Plains.


White Deer - Iroquois (Mohawk) - Have a drop of Aboriginal blood from my father's side running through my veins. very likely Iroquois, Mohawk Nation, Caughnawaga Reserve near Montreal, P.

Sia, Buffalo Dancer, by Edward Sheriff Curtis

Photo of Sia, a Buffalo Indian Dancer. Taken in 1926 by Edward S. The picture presents a portrayal of an authentic Buffalo Indian Dancer.


Many American Indians today want to explore their family history.The Bureau of Indian Affairs is perhaps the largest database of records and histories of Native American tribes in the country.