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[vc]  I'm guessing from the length of the gun that this is a pic of the Self Propelled version of the 240mm M1.  The more common M7 Priest had a shorter barrel.

WWII photos that aren't commonly seen. US artillery firing away

The images were brought to life by Welsh electrician Royston Leonard, from Cardiff showing the German soldiers fighting and repairing their artillery on the bloodied battlegrounds of Europe.

WW2 Photo. British Paratrooper with a Thompson SMG. Wearing Steel Studded  Hobnail Ammo Boots. We used these boots on/for parades because they made a cracking noise! But we used to slip and slide all over the place! How these men fought in them for so long, I will never know!

One of my favorite WWII photos. British (as far as I can tell) paratrooper with Thompson SMG.

German machine gunners manning a MG mounted on tripod. Date and location unknown.( most likely Russia). -

German machine gun crew firing with MG 34 during Operation Barbarossa Part of Army Group North

German 8,8 Flak with Crew

A heavy caliber cm anti aircraft armament is firing at hostile war planes.