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Like poppies, like the skin breaks/open space, like how it fits her arm Poppy tattoo by Gordon Combs. More on the botanical side than pure art nouveau but has those lovely whiplash curves.

Before and after, on my high school English teacher. Funny, she reminded me how one time in class I told her all I wanted to be when I grow up is a tattoo artist, and she just told me if I do, then I'd have to cover something up for her. Oh how things come full circle  Done here in Tucson at @istaritattoostudio with @paradoxrotary and @fusion_ink

60 Amazing Cover Up Tattoos Pictures Before And After You Won't Believe That There was A Tattoo

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Orchids by Caryl Cunningham

want to incorporate phaleonopsis orchids too, but would love this to be a soft apple green. see reference below.