carnaval de veneza!

Although this mask is quite plain with its design (compared to other venetian masks), i love the feathers and gold theme alonside the white base and strong lips.

Venetian Masks for Mardi Gras; Venice Mask in Italy by eclectic eccentric, via Flickr

Venetian Masks for Mardi Gras; Venice Mask in Italy Variety of Venetian masks from Venice Italy used for Mardi Gras and Carnival celebrations.Tour with Chuah Travelling Concierge

Venetian Mask ~

There was a costume Ball at the Queen's Place over the weekend. The Queen tried to hide her identity but no one was fooled.think the crown was a give away?

Kajira - Chained

I predict that the next big fashion makeup will be masks, this oozes class and steampunk culture. Match with feather eye lashes and its a winner. Clipped from Stacy, thanks. Painted on mask - very cool idea!

Venice Mask

venice - mask - Masquerade - italy - great inspiration for when I get to the point of making my own masks!