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An Albino Raven…

Funny pictures about An Albino Raven. Oh, and cool pics about An Albino Raven. Also, An Albino Raven.

..A squirrel and a friend discuss supper

Bird wants squirrel to share – The squirrel finds a piece of bread and it heads up to a branch. While eating a little bird arrives and asks if the squirrel is willing to share.

The lion-tailed macaque (Macaca silenus), or the wanderoo, is an Old World monkey endemic to the Western Ghats of South India. - photo by ..., via 500px

the lion-tailed macaque (macaca silenus), or the wanderoo, is an old world monkey endemic to the western ghats of south india. - photo by sandeep dutta

Hold on tight!

little mousie climbing a flower. I love how they curl their tails around things to hold on. - Daily Mega Cute photos from around the web :)


(Vulpes lagopus) The Arctic fox, also known as the white fox, polar fox, or snow fox, is a small fox native to the Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere and common throughout the Arctic tundra biome. It is well adapted to living in cold environments.

Where do squirrels sleep? How do they sleep? It is commonly known that these animals are very active during the day and get their rest during the night.

Sleeping Habits of The Squirrels and Their Common Nests

Albino Chipmunk photographed @ Noah& Ark Zoo Farm in North Somerset, United Kingdom, in June