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Nubian Girl    Nubian girl from Haissa island in Aswan in traditional dress.

Nubian Girl Nubian girl from Haissa island in Aswan in traditional dress.

Nubian young woman - Egypt

Meanwhile Back in Egypt, we have a Beautiful Egyptian Woman, sent to me by a Friend, who has just had a Holiday in Egypt.

Nubian Princess, Nile 2009

Little Princess, Nile 2009

Gypsy Roma girls in Tajikistan. Use to compare and contrast cultures.

Gypsy Roma girls//Two Roma girls in Tajikistan Two young Roma (gypsy) girls look to the camera. The two girls are wearing very bright, colorful clothes. Tajiks tend to refer to Roma peoples as Lyuli. Photo taken on July 2010 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Nubian for a day

Nubian for a day

nubian girl in aswan (egypt)

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Africa | Man from Keren, Eritrea |  ©Eric Lafforgue

Man from Keren, Eritrea, Africa

Nubian child - Egypt #portraits #tailoredforeducation

A boy from Egypt

Jóvenes africanas.

Mali, Africa by Joao.

A women balancing a tray of bread On his shoulder, which she has just bought from a bakery in Cairo , Feb. 6, 2008. that sells government-subsidized bread. A change in the subsidy system by the Egyptian government has led to bread shortages, rising prices and long lines outside of bakeries selling the far-cheaper subsidized bread. REUTERS/Nasser Nuri (EGYPT)

Bread Vendor, Egypt by Nasser Nouri

Kyrgyz designer Zhanara Chyngysheva's creation - Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan - Nov. 22, 2012

Now Ministers Can Preach In Style

A model displays a creation by Kyrgyz designer Zhanara Chyngysheva during a Muslim fashion in the Kyrgyzstan's capital Bishkek, late on Nov.

Just sitting together

Upper Egyptian style :D :D :D

Bulgarian traditional costume

Traditional costumes of the world – art and color

Bulgaria - faces of the people


Turkish girl from Kızılağaç Köyü, Çomakdağ - Muğla Turkey …

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Voddenkleed verkoopster/Rag rug vendor-Cairo-Egypte by Lau

Nubian boatman

A trip to Kitcheners Island Botanical garens on a feluca. Our guide said that the people have both african and european characteristics, some have very dark skin and blue eyes.