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Good people end up in hell because they can't forgive themselves....  What Dreams May Come.

This is the most beautiful interpretation of heaven I've ever seen. The thought of creating your own heaven just excites me. This movie, What dreams may come, is just so beautiful. I hope Robin Williams is in his own beautiful heaven

what dreams may come movie.  Sad story but love the artwork involved!

what dreams may come movie. Sad story but love the artwork involved!

What dreams may come...I really liked the movie, although it had some dark moments, it also had brilliance.

A number of times people ask if I've ever seen the movie "What Dreams May Come". They say the colors in the movie remind them alot of my paintings. I did this painting thinking of that dream and did a person standing close to the tree.

what dreams may come

what dreams may come

Robin Williams and Reincarnation ... That was when I started getting into learning about past lives. I did not make the connection even, until one day I was re-watching my other favorite movie, What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams.

Robin Williams and Reincarnation

I love graveyards. They're so peaceful and quiet and full of history. Especially on the east coast.

I find cemeteries peaceful and beautiful.each stone tells a story.

My favorite Robin Williams movie (and pretty much the only serious movie I like) is "What Dreams May Come"