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Doodle of Toothless, the Night Fury from How to Train Your Dragon. basically the coolest dragon ever created. I've never drawn anything from this awesomesauce movie before, weirdly enough.

Hiccup by Hagata. Um. Okay... this is not cool. No one should be allowed to draw this well. Hiccup stop looking at me. No, stop. Don't give me that face. This is not okay. I need to sit down. I'm about to pass out.

Hiccup by Hagata. Another extremely cool modern day Hiccup AU.

Toothless vs Smaug                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Toothless vs Smaug

Behold, a Smaug and Toothless sass-off! Based on Colbert's interview with Smaug 〖 DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon Toothless The Hobbit Smaug Stephen Colbert interview parody funny 〗

HTTYD Snugglins by ~Barukurii on deviantART

Relaxing together . How to train your dragon, toothless, hiccup, night fury…

deviantART: More Like Dragons Riders Of Berk - Oh... Toothless by *DashieSparkle

Toothless (nightfury) is a Strike Class Dragon. Notable Features: Large wing to body ratio, finned tail, retractable teeth, Fire Type: Plasma Bolts