For the dancing and the dreaming (Hiccup and Astrid) ♥♡

For the dancing and the dreaming (Hiccup and Astrid) ♥♡ < MY OTP

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Hiccup is my favorite character. ♡ I wished there would be an episode where Hiccup gets amnesia and the other Riders have to reteach him about Dragons. Of course, it ends in disaster as Hiccup is the best in the Dragon business.

Yeah, no better Idea for the Titel -w- Heellloooo  did you miss me? Sorry for keeping you wait, but i had a few problems. Technic, sicknes, Job, the List goes on^^ And seriously, Backgrounds a...

Part 15 Kiss in the Night by KannaAsa

Hiccup loves Astrid part 1 by on @deviantART

Hiccup loves Astrid part 1 by secondlina (DevianART)

I've seen it twice so far.  It's the best animated sequel I've ever seen so if you loved the first one, go watch HTTYD 2. Not all of this is spoilers.  Just a few of them.  HTTYD (C)...

Httyd Stuff (spoilers) by on deviantART - How to Train Your Dragon Fanart

Beautiful <3 Hiccstrid ^.^ <3

whaticalldoodling: “ More httyd scribbles just to make sure my hand does remember how to doodle them ” < Hiccstrid.

How to train your dragon - deviantART: More Like Dragons by *VivzMind

HTTYD: Spiky skirt<--- I was Astrid for Halloween a couple years back. I couldn't sit in the costume, but I tried to, and broke off most of the spikes.