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Pink Makeup Bag Teapot

"Make up case teapot" from The Teapottery ~Home of the Eccentric Teapot~

Modern Floral Art Tea Set http://www.plaidpenguin.com

Modern Floral Art Tea Set http://www.plaidpenguin.com

Coolest Teapots - Théières originales

This is a toaster tea pot. This is a warm, primary color sceam. It has the texture of a toaster.

Object of the Day - Tetsubin (Cast Iron Kettle):Tetsubin are a product of the Nambu region of northern Japan, where ironwork forges have been in operation since the Heian Period (794-1185). The area began producing kettles in the Edo Period (1615-1868), however. Such kettles usually heated water over coals in the portable braziers called hibachi, the principal heating device in a Japanese home until well into the 20th century. #tea #iron #tetsubin #japan #morikami

Tetsubin (Cast Iron Kettle):Tetsubin are a product of the Nambu region of northern Japan.

Giftcraft Telephone Retroflections Chatterbox Phone Teapot

Retroflections - Teapot Chatter-Box-Matix Telephone - Inspired by the huge, growing trend for retro, vintage and nostalgic design pieces. Fully functional teapot, phone receiver functions as lid.

I start from the tea

Hand-cast and decorated tea pot with a diner silhouette. Product: Teapot Construction Material: Ceramic Color: Multi Features: Each teapot is cast and decorated by hand Dimensions: H x W x D

'handbag' teapot by Jesika Tirtanimala

Dünyanın çayını pişiren çaydanlıklar

'Handbag' Teapot by jesika tirtanimala - The collection consists of a teapot, cup, saucer, sugar bowl, and creamer. The teapot can be a fashion accessory. The body is made out of glossed ceramic while the handle is made out of teak wood.

Haute hand-built “tea bag” by Meghan Runkle Bernard of Rare Earth Studio

^FASHIONABLE^ ~~ Haute hand-built “tea bag” from Designer ~Meghan Runkle Bernard~ of Rare Earth Studio Woolworth Walk, Asheville, North Carolina.

Decorative Chinese Teapots

Swineside Teapottery's Quick Ink Teapot shaped like a bottle of dark blue writing ink with a fountain pen resting across the cap/lid, ceramic, UK

paintbrush teapot--how amazing is this one?

Various fantasy teapots created primarily in wood. Several of these pieces won Niche awards.