Shooting in Manual: Step by Step #DSLR #Photography

Have you made the move to manual or are you hanging onto one of the auto modes? As you're probably realizing, shooting in manual mode isn't always easy (at least not at first), but the.

Never seen this chart before today. Put a few things into a more technical perspective. Shows which combinations of Speed and F-Stop you need to attain the same exposure value. Now I need to find the chart that accounts for ISO and maybe one further broken down into Camera Bodies and combinations of lens's. But then again I am not going to memorize that so it would be a good poster.

Equivalent exposure value chart. Print this out and you may find it useful to help you quickly find all the different ways to achieve the same exposure in terms of different aperture and shutter speed values.

DoF; lens size and distance matter as much as aperture  Understanding Exposure Part 3: The Exposure Triangle with Mark Wallace

Understanding exposure prt Mark shows us how aperture and lens choice affect depth of field.

The first step to getting better exposures is to understand how your camera’s metering system interprets a scene. In this beginner’s guide we answer all the common questions and provide a handy series of cheat sheets to help you along…

These are the invisible cameras of the future