These Creative Drawings Using Everyday Objects Will Make You Look Twice

If the name Christoph Niemann doesn't ring a bell, then watch out for these incredibly creative illustrations. (all images via Christoph Niemann)

Artist Christoph Niemann, known for blending everyday objects into his witty illustrations—last featured for completing his artworks with.

The Gummi Bear Chronicles

Des illustrations utilisant des objets du quotidien

17 Year Old Artist Kristián Mensa Turns Mundane Objects Into Playful Interactive Illustrations

Este Ilustrador Completa Suas Ilustrações Com Objetos Do Cotidiano

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Christoph Niemann -

Bye bye birdie

In “Sunday Sketch” Christoph Niemann incorporates everyday objects, playing with perspective and reimagining them as something else entirely


When usual objects meet minimalist illustrations, it's totally awesome by Christoph Niemann l

Christoph Niemann is an illustrator from Berlin. His work "On the Go” is an augmented reality project for the cover of The New Yorker magazine.